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iNPUT-ACE v2.5.1 為調查人員提供了管理其數字視頻證據的強大工具
iNPUT ACE和iNPUT ACE | Lite軟件包為調查人員提供了管理其數字視頻證據的強大工具。這兩個動態軟件程序協同工作,以加快任何涉及視頻證據的案件:從視頻回放,剪輯提取,增強,分析,報告寫作,等等。
-iNPUT ACE包含iNPUT ACE | Lite的所有功能,還包括有助於發現視頻圖像中其他證據的強大工具。
-iNPUT ACE強大的工作流引擎為調查人員提供了在調查團隊內快速共享關鍵證據、與檢察官共享關鍵證據以及最終向法院共享關鍵證據的能力。

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In our surveillance society, there are many hundreds of proprietary digital video formats that cannot be played using traditional players. iNPUT-ACE allows your investigators to instantly access, enhance, and manage this critical evidence.

The iNPUT-ACE and iNPUT-ACE | Lite software packages provide investigators with powerful tools to manage their digital video evidence. The two dynamic software programs work alongside each other to expedite any case that involves video evidence: from video playback, to clip extraction, enhancement, analysis, report writing, and much more.

Video is among the most prolific sources of evidence available to the police investigators. But with the hundreds of proprietary digital video formats in use, investigators often waste valuable time simply gaining access to their evidence. iNPUT-ACE allows your team to instantly view, access, enhance, and manage this critical evidence. Give your investigators the full power of iNPUT-ACE with the purchase of a perpetual or dongle license.

The full version of iNPUT-ACE is designed to streamline the video examination workflow of investigators, video analysts, and prosecutors engaged in Traffic, Homicide, Robbery, Fraud, Sexual Offense, Use of Force, and other Video Evidence related casework.

-iNPUT-ACE contains all the features of iNPUT-ACE | Lite, and also includes powerful tools that help to uncover additional evidence within video images.
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-With iNPUT-ACE, investigators and video analysts can enhance video images, analyze important file metadata, write dynamic narrative reports, analyze a file’s compression, and much more.

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-iNPUT-ACE’s powerful workflow engine provides investigators with the ability to quickly share critical evidence within an investigative team, with prosecutors, and eventually to the court.

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-See our features page for an example of how the unique iNPUT-ACE Narrative Report is used to visually present all of the critical details from your video evidence.

-Easily drag, drop, and play hundreds of proprietary video formats
-Automatically identify codecs, formats, hash values, and other metadata
-Auto batch/convert to standard court-ready formats (like MP4 or WMV) in the highest possible quality

-Immediately play, fast-forward, or rewind through almost any video
-Mark and auto export an unlimited number of tagged video frames
-Extract relevant clips from an original source
-Edit multiple clips together, producing a single video clip

-Quickly redact, crop, resize, deinterlace, concatenate, and more
-Stabilize shaky footage, adjust brightness level, and frame average
-Sync and play multiple files in a ‘canvas’ for a picture-in-picture view

Report & Validate
-Create dynamic investigation reports with embedded video and images
-Validate results with hexadecimal analysis tools
-Generate frame analysis spreadsheets to XML documents
-Identify duplicate files in any folder based on md5 hash


Drag Drop Play
-Video evidence does not generally arrive in standard formats like MP4 and AVI, instead the important evidence is more likely in proprietary formats like .DAV, .IRF, .EXE, .SSF, etc.
-With iNPUT-ACE, investigators can drag and drop this evidence into an intuitive interface and begin instantly playing their video files.

Convert to Standard Formats
-iNPUT-ACE provides the flexibility to convert proprietary video files to any number of standard output formats such as AVI or MP4, all without changing a single pixel within the images.
-This allows investigators to deliver video evidence to court while adhering to local restrictions or disclosure requirements.
-Conversions can also be performed as a batch on hundreds of files at once – saving an agency time and money

Expedite Video Investigation
-iNPUT-ACE allows investigators to tag relevant images and clips into organized groups, helping to combine a variety of multimedia into a seamless chronological account of the events from any camera angle.
-Combine a variety of video sources, track suspects, and extract relevant images within a seamless workflow.

-The powerful iNPUT-ACE Narrative Report tool is the most effective method for investigators to present the content of their video evidence.
-Video evidence is visual, so why write a report with words alone? With the intuitive iNPUT-ACE Narrative Report tool, investigators can easily generate dynamic reports with auto embedded image and video files.
-All embedded video clips and images are contained within a single .PDF file, making it easy to share the reports with other investigators or attorneys without the need for specialized software.

Build Repeatable Workflows
-Through the simple drag and drop actions on the iNPUT-ACE workflow tab, investigators can intuitively apply a variety of filters and advanced processes to their evidence.
-These filters include simple actions like crop and resize, as well as powerful functions like enhancements, producing demonstrative exhibits, stabilizing shaky video, tracking suspects and much more.

iNPUT-ACE v2.5.1 

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 7 / 10
Memory:16GB RAM
Space/CPU: SSD, 10 GB of free hard drive space, and a powerful processor.