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Ashampoo Snap 11.0.0 Beta Multilingual 最快、最靈活的屏蔽截圖和視頻錄製工具
Ashampoo Snap 11 是最快、最靈活的屏蔽截圖和視頻錄製工具,可以捕獲、編輯和分享截圖或視頻中。 快速截圖,錄製視頻和製作技術文檔,Ashampoo Snap 11 為您提供了快速完成這些工作所需的一切工具!

互聯網上充滿了漂亮的圖像、文本和視頻。Ashampoo Snap 11 可以輕鬆錄下任何喜歡的東西!保存圖像和視頻並按自己的喜好進行編輯!屏幕上看到的任何內容,Snap 都可以錄下來!

想跟親朋好友分享圖像和視頻,或是要將其傳到社交網絡?Ashampoo Snap 11 支持分享到各種流行的網絡和雲服務,包括 Twitter、Facebook、Dropbox、OneDrive、Google Drive 等。如果希望更方便一些?還有一種更簡單的方式,免費將文件上傳到 Ashampoo Webspace。當然,如果這些方法都不好用,您也可以通過電子郵件發送文件。

一圖勝千言,要解釋清楚那些複雜的問題更是需要圖片。我們的大腦可以更快地處理視覺信息,並且回憶速度也更快!Ashampoo Snap 11 讓您可以在圖像中添加註釋和插圖,迅速找到要點。指出具體的細節,需要注意的錯誤信息或輕鬆突出重要片段。快去試試吧。你會驚訝的發現加上註釋後居然能省下如此多的文本解釋!

使用 Ashampoo Snap 11 可以輕鬆創建視頻教程或文檔。實時錄製屏幕,並附上文本、圖形和語音講述。如果需要清晰的顯示操作,可以可視化展示鼠標點擊和鍵盤按鍵動作,並添加水印以保護知識產權。新添加網絡攝像頭支持,瞬間製作出完善的傑作。

Ashampoo Snap 11 完美支持多顯示器,甚至支持不同分辨率和 DPI 設置的多顯示器環境,例如 全高清和 4K 分辨率混合環境。無論是初學者還是專業人士都能順暢使用!

快速創建 GIF
小型 GIF 動畫在互聯網上仍然非常流行。Ashampoo Snap 11 可從任何視頻剪輯創建 GIF。點擊幾下就能完成!

Ashampoo Snap 11 可以完美截取遊戲畫面,即使是全屏模式。最高可捕獲 4K 分辨率的 2D 和 3D 全屏遊戲!


錄製的視頻往往並不完美。Ashampoo Snap 11 可讓您保留好場景,去除效果不好的畫面及廣告。您甚至可以把錄製的內容保存為多個片段,這都只需點擊幾下按鈕。無論您是要捕捉一個瞬間,還是創建高質量的演示文檔,此錄屏軟件都可以滿足您的要求!

Ashampoo Snap 11 可以為您完成繁重的工作。自動編號,支持 7 種語言的智能 OCR 識別,延時錄製功能,都將幫助您充分使用截取的圖片。突出圖片上的需要注意的重點,模糊敏感信息,或高亮顯示重點段落。這是專為您定製的截圖工具!

Ashampoo Snap 11 is the fastest and most flexible solution to capture, edit and share anything on your screen as screenshots or videos. Quick snapshot, video recording or technical documentation, Ashampoo Snap 11 has got the tools you need to get the job done quickly and in style!

Save videos and images from the internet
The Internet is filled with fascinating images, texts and videos. Ashampoo Snap 11 makes it easy to capture what you like! Save image and videos and edit them to your liking! Anything you see on your screen, Snap can capture!

Share with ease
Would you like to share your images and videos with friends and family or upload them to social networks? Ashampoo Snap 11 shares your files across all popular online and cloud services, including Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc. Want an even simpler way? For an even simpler way, upload your files to Ashampoo Webspace for free. Naturally, you can always email your files as well, if all else fails.

Share information more quickly and save time
A picture is worth a thousand words and helps explain even the most difficult topics. Our brains can process visual information faster and recall it more rapidly! Ashampoo Snap 11 allows you to add comments and illustrations to your images to get to the point swiftly. Point out specific details, draw attention to errors or highlight essential passages with ease. Go try it out today. You'll be amazed how many lines of text you can save with the help of annotated visuals!

Always the right video for the job
Creating instructional videos or documentaries is a breeze with Ashampoo Snap 11. Recordings are live-annotable with texts, drawings and voice narration. For added clarity, mouse clicks and key strokes can be visualized and watermarks added to protect your IP. Add webcam live feeds and you'll have yourself a masterpiece in no time.

Perfect for multi-resolution and multi-display environments
Ashampoo Snap 11 fully supports multi-display setups, even with different resolution and DPI combinations, e.g. mixed Full HD and 4K environments. It's smooth sailing for beginners and professionals alike!

Create GIFs in a flash
Small animated GIFs are still very popular on the Internet. Ashampoo Snap 11 creates GIFs from any movie clip. All it takes is a few clicks!

Record games in high-quality
Ashampoo Snap 11 takes perfect screenshots of your games, even in fullscreen mode. Capture your 2D and 3D fullscreen adventures in resolutions up to 4K!

A new team
We've created a new team of specialists to drive the development of our number one screenshot application forward! From now on, suggestions and feature requests will be implemented quicker to create the perfect solution for you. Get ready for the next generation of screen capturing!

Fast and easy video cutting
Not every recording is an instant success. Ashampoo Snap 11 helps you keep the good scenes and get rid of the bad scenes, or ads. You can even save your recordings to individual episodes at the click of a button. Whether you're just capturing the moment or you're creating a high-quality presentation, this recording software has got you covered!

Smart and comfortable to use
Ashampoo Snap 11 does the heavy lifting for you. Automatic numbering, smart optical character recognition for 7 world languages and time-delayed recording will help you make the most of your images. Put the spotlight on noteworthy sections, obfuscate sensitive information or highlight individual passages. This is the screenshot maker for you!

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