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Screaming Frog SEO Spider 12.0 網絡爬蟲
Screaming Frog SEO Spider可以幫助您從不同的網頁上選擇需要抓取的內容,軟件具有網頁蜘蛛功能,您可以讓蜘蛛在網頁上不斷的搜索需要的資源,可以設置搜索的一個主要網頁地址,並設置自定義分析擴展頁面的功能,這樣軟件就會自動在一個網站上分析幾十個、上百個網頁界面,通過Screaming Frog SEO Spider分析以後,就可以得到自己需要的數據,同時也可以通過抓取的功能測試網頁的性能,分析一切無法響應的網頁,分析打開具有病毒提示的網頁,無論是檢測企業網站還是搜索網絡的資源都是非常方便的!

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a software application that was developed with Java, in order to provide users with a simple means of gathering SEO information about any given site, as well as generate multiple reports and export the information to the HDD.

Clear-cut GUI
The interface you come across might seem a bit cluttered, as it consists of a menu bar and multiple tabbed panes which display various information. However, a comprehensive User Guide and some FAQs are available on the developer’s website, which is going to make sure that both power and novice users can easily find their way around it, without encountering any kind of issues.

View internal and external links, filter and export them
It is possible to analyze a specified URL, and view a list of internal and external links in separate tabs. The first come along with details such as address, type of content, status code, title, meta description, keywords, size, word count, level, hash and external out links, while the latter only reveals info such as address, content, status, level and inlinks.
Both can be filtered according to HTML, JavaScript, CSS, images, PDF, Flash or other coordinates, while it is possible to export them to a CSV, XLS or XLSX format.

View further details and graphs, and generate reports
In addition to that, you can check the response time of multiple links, view page titles, their occurrences, length and pixel width. It is possible to view huge lists with meta keywords and their length, headers and images.
Graphical representations of certain situations are also available in the main window, along with a folder structure of all SEO elements analyzed, as well as stats pertaining to the depth of the website and average response time.

It is possible to use a proxy server, create a site map and save it to the HDD using an XML extension and generate multiple reports pertaining to crawl overview, redirect chains and canonical errors.

Bottom line
To conclude, Screaming Frog SEO Spider is an efficient piece of software for those which are interested in analyzing their website from a SEO standpoint. The interface requires some getting used to it, the response time is good and we did not come by any errors or bugs.
CPU and memory usage is not particularly high, which means that the computer’s performance is not going to be affected most of the times.