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JixiPix Premium Pack 1.1.11 x86/x64 一個集18個不可思議的創意照片特效為一體的功能強大的軟件包
Premium Pack是超級給力的效果套件,使用將集合了18種風格各異的精美效果,您將能夠輕鬆為您的圖像製作一些經驗的專業效果,並且支持高分辨率圖像和輸出,支持多次撤消操作,您可以點擊隨機按鈕進行選擇,也可以快速預覽照片效果,擁有豐富的自定義設置供大家自由選擇,效果非常不錯!即便是新手朋友也能夠很好的製作出專業水平的照片,例如您可以使用HDR濾鏡令人著迷的照片細節和迷人的色彩。結合繪畫風格和深度,使印象派筆觸脫穎而出。或者是製作出精美的油漆效果、帶有聚光燈的黑白照片濾鏡、逼真的摺痕和皺紋的紙張止跌效果等等,相信大家一定會喜歡這款工具的。

JixiPix Premium Pack 1.x (x86/x64) | 
For maximum savings and convenience, the Premium Pack bundles 18 incredible creative apps into one powerful package: Aquarella, Artista Haiku, Artista Oil, Artista Sketch, Artoon, Chalkspiration, Dramatic Black&White, Grungetastic, Kyoobik Photo, Moku Hanga, NIR Color, Pop Dot Comics, Portrait Painter, Rainy Daze, Romantic Photo, Simply HDR, Snow Daze and Vintage Scene. The Premium Pack comes wrapped together for convenience - one application, one installer, one interface, and a plugin for Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom and PaintShop Pro.

Created for convenience with one installer and one interface. Includes 5 Photography, 8 Artistic and 5 Creative Apps for Mac or Windows.

Included in the Premium Pack is a Plugin—which is the perfect complement to Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom and PaintShop Pro. Having the products within Adobe's applications saves valuable time with batch processing and actions, while the products themselves offer a level of creativity beyond using Photoshop alone.

Photoshop Plugin
Allows quick access to 18 Jixi products from inside Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom and PaintShop Pro. Supports actions, transparency, blending, last filter command, batch processing and 16bit RGB/Greyscale modes.

Every JixiPix Product Features
Support for high resolution images and output
Multiple undo
Randomize button
Quick previewing
Customizable settings
Superior customer service
Contact us any time we are committed to your long term satisfaction!

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