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Ashampoo ActionCam 1.0.2 x64 Multilingual 視頻剪輯製作軟件
拍攝那些狂野的鏡頭或是在沒有雙手拍攝的場景時,運動相機是最佳選擇。因為拍攝時相機常常會抖動,而此產生的視頻也通常不穩定。這可以製作出有趣的運動鏡頭,但也會影響到觀看體驗。Ashampoo ActionCam 具備新一代的視頻穩定功能!即使是手持拍攝的全動態鏡頭也能變得十分穩定,獲得逼真、流暢的觀看體驗 - 當然會提供最好的分辨率!

拍攝那些狂野的鏡頭或是在沒有雙手拍攝的場景時,運動相機是最佳選擇。因為拍攝時相機常常會抖動,而此產生的視頻也通常不穩定。這可以製作出有趣的運動鏡頭,但也會影響到觀看體驗。Ashampoo ActionCam 具備新一代的視頻穩定功能!即使是手持拍攝的全動態鏡頭也能變得十分穩定,獲得逼真、流暢的觀看體驗 - 當然會提供最好的分辨率!

廣角鏡頭和魚眼鏡頭是以觀眾為中心的。然而在計算機或電視屏幕上觀看時,許多人都喜歡用 “正常” 視角觀看。Ashampoo ActionCam 可以用魔法一樣的算法修復鏡頭扭曲!該程序內置了大量型號的相機配置文件,包括 GoPro 系列,只需點擊一下按鈕即可修復失真生成逼真的視覺體驗!

ActionCam Box & Screenshot

您可以優化顏色和對比度增強視頻質量。只需點擊幾下,您的鏡頭就會變得更加生動、逼真和有趣。還能調整白平衡,讓視頻顯得更加溫暖或寒冷,並選擇亮度、色調、陰影和光線,增添額外的個性觸感。無論是用什麼拍攝的視頻,Ashampoo ActionCam 的多種優化功能都將幫助您創建更多驚奇的視覺效果。這是您指尖的視頻編輯器!

快節奏和無人機拍攝的鏡頭常常不夠清晰。Ashampoo ActionCam 具有高效的銳化功能,可以清除任何模糊和朦朧。內置的批處理功能可以一次處理多個剪輯,更快地完成工作!

一些程序的視頻編輯器非常龐大臃腫,需要很長的學習才能使用。ActionCam 的視頻編輯器專注於您真正所需!旋轉或翻轉視頻固定度數或特定量,使用裁剪功能突出鏡頭中的細節。單獨導出視頻中的精彩鏡頭或將多個視頻合併為一個精彩視頻!

很多時候,添加評論和特效可以為視頻帶來很好的效果。Ashampoo ActionCam 讓您能添加文字及各種絢麗的特效,如移軸效果。這個特效採用選擇性模糊來創造一種微縮鏡頭,尤其適用於風景畫面。釋放您的創造力和發揮你的個人風格,讓觀眾驚嘆不已。

Ashampoo ActionCam 可以改變視頻的播放速度。大多數運動相機都以 60 fps 速度錄製,有足夠空間創作神奇的慢動作特效。當然,也可以做出延時效果,如加快不重要的部分,操作很簡單無需特殊步驟。

它不僅適用於 GoPro 或其它運動相機。無人機可以拍攝出非凡的鏡頭,而這些在多年前只有飛行員可以體驗到。Ashampoo ActionCam 讓你能非常輕鬆和快捷得編輯無人機視頻。這些視頻中常見的抖動、色彩不佳、對比度或清晰度不好等問題都可以輕鬆修復,幫您征服天空!

ActionCams are always on the scene even when things go wild or get slightly out of hand. The resulting videos are often shaky because the camera failed to stabilize them. That makes for interesting dynamics but can also make the viewing experience more stressful. Ashampoo ActionCam features next-gen video stabilization! Even handheld shots taken in full motion become more steady for a realistic, smooth viewing experience - at max resolution, naturally!

Put an end to lens distortions!
Wide-angle and fisheye lenses put viewers in the center of the action. Still, when watched on a computer or TV screen, many would rather switch back to "normal" vision. Ashampoo ActionCam fixes lens distortions like magic! The program includes a range of camera profiles, including the GoPro line, for distortion-free realistic visuals at the click of a button!

Powerful contrast and color optimization
Enhance video quality by optimizing colors and contrasts. In just a few clicks, your shots will look more vibrant, realistic and interesting. Use white balancing to make your videos appear warmer or colder and selective brightness, hue, shadow and light manipulation to add that extra individual touch. No matter where your videos come from, the multi-faceted optimization in Ashampoo ActionCam will help you create more stunning visuals. It's effective video editing at your fingertips!

Brilliant sharpness and lighting-fast processing
Fast-paced and drone-based shots are frequently lacking in sharpness. Ashampoo ActionCam features highly efficient sharpening to rid your footage of any perceived mist and haze. And built-in batch-processing helps you work even faster by processing multiple clips in one go!

The video cutting you need
Some programs feature humongous editors that take a lot of getting used to. ActionCam's video editor focuses on the tools you really need! Rotate and flip your videos by fixed or custom increments and use cropping to bring out the details in your shots. Export highlights individually or merge multiple clips into a single highlight reel!

Work with texts and effects

In many cases, comments and effects provide the final polish for your videos. Ashampoo ActionCam lets you add text and stunning effects like tilt-shift fuss-free. The latter employs selective blurring to create a miniature look that goes especially well with landscape footage. Unleash your creativity and a personal touch to wow your audience.

Become a speed master
Ashampoo ActionCam can alter playback speeds for your videos. Most action cams record at 60 fps, ample room for stunning slow-mo effects. Naturally, time-lapse is also on board, e.g. to speed up less important sections hassle-free and without the need for additional steps.

Perfect for camera drone fans!
But it doesn't stop with GoPro or other action cam videos. Drones offer fascinating views only pilots could experience a few years ago. Ashampoo ActionCam also edits drone footage with incredible ease and speed. Common issues like camera shakes, poor colors, contrast or sharpness are fixed in just a few clicks to help you conquer the skies (visually)!

Powerful contrast and color optimization
Visual effects for fascinating results
Miniature effect with tilt-shift
Auto-correction for lens distortion and fisheye effect
Ready-made presets for popular camera models
Highly effective and dependable video stabilization
Auto-sharpness for a totally new visual experience
Clever slow-mo and time-lapse effects based on playback speeds
Addable text overlays
Video cropping and merging
Time-saving batch-processing for multiple videos
Perfect for drone videos

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