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BarTender Enterprise 2019 Multilingual 條碼標籤設計打印軟件
全球首屈一指非常知名的條碼標籤設計打印軟件,初學者很快就能上手使用,可進行複雜的標籤設計和條形碼設計,它甚至支持RFID標記,支持導入圖形圖像並能生成多種複雜的序列號。而且,BarTender 使用簡便,初學者在短短幾分鐘內即可上手。

在150 多個國家/地區擁有成千上百的用戶,在標籤、條形碼、證卡和 RFID 標記的設計和打印領域是全球首屈一指的軟件。BarTender 既可以單獨運行,也可以與任何其他程序集成,幾乎是所有按需打印或打標應用的完美解決方案,包括:標籤、打印貼標、直接部件和包裝打標、智能證卡編碼、標牌製作等等。強大的配套應用程序甚至可以管理系統安全性、網絡打印功能、文檔發佈、打印作業記錄等。為滿足不同的需要和預算,BarTender 提供四個版本,每個都擁有卓越的功能和特性。

BarTender: comprehensive barcode labeling software. Create, automate and manage labels, barcodes, rfid tags and more. Barcode software converts letters, numbers and even binary data into a pattern of lines, squares or dots that can be read at high speed by a barcode scanner and converted back into the original information. Barcode software helps companies increase efficiency, reduce costs and errors, and meet regulatory requirements, but only if the software encodes the barcodes quickly and correctly and prints them consistently and accurately.

Enterprise Edition
Powerful software for demanding requirements
The world’s largest companies trust their production lines and supply chains to BarTender.

Centralized control across continents
Manage, secure and control your entire solution across thousands of printing locations.

Librarian for optimized workflow
Centralize your label repository, track and trace label revisions, assign roles with procedures, and recall previous label revisions.

Create sophisticated integrations and processes
Seamlessly connect BarTender’s automated label printing processes to your existing business systems.

Print from browsers, smartphones or tablets
Use the device of your choice to select label designs, complete print-time data forms and launch print jobs to any printer on the internet.

Easy, flexible, powerful design with Intelligent Templates
BarTender’s Intelligent Templates improve design quality, reduce label maintenance, maximize printing performance and help you stay in compliance with changing standards.

SAP certified, Oracle validated
Leverage our trusted integration methods with Oracle and SAP to unlock automated label and document printing quickly and with confidence.

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