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Altair HW FEKO + WinProp 2019.0.1 x64-一款綜合性計算電磁學 (CEM) 軟件,廣泛應用於通信、汽車、航空航天和國防行業
Feko 是一款綜合性計算電磁學 (CEM) 軟件,廣泛應用於通信、汽車、航空航天和國防行業。Feko 在單個許可證下可提供多個頻率和時域電磁求解器。這些方法相互結合,便可高效分析各類 EM 問題,包括天線、微帶電路、射頻組件、生物醫學系統、天線在大結構中的佈局、散射計算以及電磁兼容性 (EMC) 研究等。

Feko 還具有專門用於解決更為複雜的 EM 相互作用問題的各種工具,其中包括用於特性模式分析 (CMA) 和雙向電纜耦合的專用求解器。該軟件還提供特定公式,用於對集成車窗天線和天線陣列進行高效仿真。

結合多層快速多極子 (MLFMM) 算法並且實現多種求解器混合使用後,Feko 被視為天線佈局分析領域的全球市場領導者。

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FEKO Suite software for electromagnetic analysis of a wide range of disorders and problems are. Applications include analysis of EMC, the effect on other cables, electromagnetic compatibility, antenna design, Microstrip antennas, circuits, analysis of the distribution (scattering analysis) and so on.

The finite element method of moments techniques, Physical Optics, radiation spread in geometrical optics and uniform theory of diffraction is used. The application of genetic algorithm optimization tool, birds, linear and interest Mybrd.mhyt Feedback graphical application design tool takes advantage of the most complete and manageable size in two or three dimensions is done with the mouse.

Maxwell solver control is done by the GUI. The application of electrical and magnetic dipole light sources, plane wave, current source or voltage, current linear and spherical configurable modes are formed. Has many amenities range for the Analysis page of dielectric for the calculation and simulation of complex electromagnetic used and enables the user to cover a wide range of issues of electromagnetic using computational methods FDTD, FEM, and MLFMM resolve

Features and characteristics of FEKO Suite:
-positioning the antennas on large structures such as ships and planes and analysis radiation pattern which
-frequency components such as waveguides, couplers and filters
-Simulate antenna types, such as arrays, microstrip, antennas broadband
Analysis of suffering range of disorders and problems of electromagnetic
-techniques using finite element, physical optics, radiation spread in geometrical optics and the theory of uniform dispersion
-bio electromagnetic includes analysis of organs homogeneous / inhomogeneous, mining starling
-effect of cable on each other
-check compatibility electromagnetic antenna design, antenna, circuitry, batteries Elise distribution
-three-dimensional electromagnetic circuits of filters, waveguides
-Analysis Page dielectric

Altair HW FEKO + WinProp 2019.0.1
Win64 Year / Date Release:2019
Version:2019.0.1 Build 350246
Tabletka:Present (TeAM SolidSQUAD- SSQ)
System requirements:Win 7/8/10 64-bit