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Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2019.1.0.2273-基於節點的紋理合成工具
llegorithmic Substance Designer 2019是一個基於節點的紋理合成工具,Substance Designer 2019允許你創建物質文件或位圖紋理。你可以用它來質感的資產,也可以烘焙模型信息(例如:法線,位移,曲率等)。它包含範圍廣泛的工具,材質和程序的效果庫,幫助你實現你的目標在一個完全非破壞性的工作流程。新版本加入精確掃瞄濾鏡,專門幫助用戶構建一個完整的高清掃描工作流程來創建整潔,即用型的無縫tiling材質,適用於Photogrammetry攝影測量流程。
“Substance Designer是一個基於節點的工具,致力於材料的創作。”
這句話描述了Substance Designer的核心,但更多的解釋是必要的,以瞭解為什麼許多專業人士認為它是遊戲紋理和3D紋理的標準工具。
基於節點的工作流程和Substance Designer 的程序方面完全符合3D製作的現實。
工作流程是非破壞性的:您可以在不丟失任何工作的情況下撤銷您執行的任何操作- 不再有“我無法回到那一點”的感覺。
Substance Designer擁有超快的烘焙工具,可以從網格中生成所需的所有地圖。
Substance Designer是一個軟件工具,允許您構建“智能”紋理生成器(稱為物質材料)。
您可以將Substance材質重複用於任何其他3D對象,並獲得獨特的自定義結果 ;

Windows x64 | Languages: Multilingual | 

Create, iterate. Substance Designer is the Ultimate 3D Material Authoring and Scan Processing Tool. It has become the standard in the entertainment industry for PBR material authoring.

Material authoring
- Create materials with full control and infinite variations.
- Edit complete texture sets instantly and produce Substance textures and MDL materials that will be directly handled in your renderer or game engine.

Scan Processing
- Process scans thanks to filters and tools in an adapted to photogrammetry workflow.
- Substance Designer features a complete set of tools and filters including: Crop Tool, Color Equalizer Tool, Extract Channels filters (Multi-angle to Albedo, Multi-angle to Normal, Normal to Height), Smart Patch Clone Tool, Smart Auto Tile Tool.

Import a wide variety of content
- Import procedural sbs and sbsar files, hand-painted images, photographs, scans and geometry (.fbx & .obj). No need to worry about tiling, either – Substance Designer handles it automatically.

Real-Time Physically Based Viewport with Iray Path Tracing
- Use the real-time PBR viewport to preview your work exactly as it appears in Unity and Unreal. Match any other game engine via custom shaders.
- Create photo-realistic renders with Iray path-trace technology while working, embellish your work with Yebis post-production effects, and share portfolio-ready materials directly on ArtStation.

Node-Based Non-Destructive Workflow
- Substance Designer features 4 graphs types: Tiling textures, MDL materials, Math Functions and Noise Editor. Edit complete texture sets instantly with the procedural node-based non-linear workflow. Want to change something while you’re working? Make changes to any previous step while keeping your current work intact.

Powerful generators, tools and filters
- Combine a large number of pre-set filters and tools for Procedural and Hybrid Workflows.
- Access and modify the sources of all filters.

Integrated Full-Featured Bakers
- Bake quickly and easily with a complete set of bakers. Create non-uniform (non-square) bakes up to 8K resolution with Substance Designer.
- The bakers include: AO, normal, ID, height, curvature, position, polypaint, Bent Normals, Color Map, UV to SVG, Opacity Mask, Thickness, Transfered Texture, World Space Direction, World Space Normals.

Minimum Requirements:
- OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 - (64 bit)
- Memory: 8 GB RAM
- Graphics: VRAM 2GB
- DirectX: Version 11
- Resolution: 1280px width (≥ 1 Mega Pixels)

Recommended Requirements:
- OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 - (64 bit)
- Memory: 16 GB RAM
- Graphics: VRAM 4GB
- DirectX: Version 11
- Resolution: 1920x1080px

Supported GPUs:
- Intel HD 5000 / IRis Pro 6200 and above
- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 and above
- NVIDIA Quadro K2000 and above
- AMD Radeon HD 7000 and above
- AMD Radeon Pro WX-serie / Pro Duo and above
- AMD FirePro W-series / FirePro S-series and above

Languages Supported:
- English, Japanese, Korean.