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FunctionBay Multi-Body Dynamics SP0/SP1/SP2/SP3 for ANSYS 18.2/19.0/19.1/19.2 x64-多體動力學仿真分析軟件
Multi­body Dynamics For ANSYS(簡稱MBD for ANSYS)是世界知名的多體動力學仿真分析軟件 RecurDyn的開發商,基於豐富的多體動力學經驗精心為ANSYS用戶打造的專屬多體動力學機構仿真工具。
近20年來RecurDyn一直致力於為客戶提供前沿可靠的多體動力學分析技術,歷經客戶需求及具體應用的長期考驗,如今在ANSYS Workbench平台上嵌入這一成熟技術,讓使用者在熟悉的操作環境中,體驗RecurDyn快速穩健的求解功能。

當需要對機械系統進行更複雜多樣的仿真或使用行業工具包時,MBD for ANSYS的用戶可通過共享授權Co­Licensing的形式進入C/L RecurDyn,在MBD For ANSYS已有模型基礎上進行拓展使用。如:更複雜的聯接、子系統,在RecurDyn行業工具包中建模,使用MFBD(Multi Flexible Body Dynamics)先進技術等。

Multi-Body Dynamics software Tightly integrated into ANSYS® Workbench™. MBD for ANSYS (Multi-Body Dynamics for ANSYS) is an add-on module for ANSYS that is used to simulate the transient behavior of a mechanical assembly in motion and is developed by FunctionBay, Inc.

Since Multi-Body Dynamics mainly utilizes rigid bodies, the calculation time is usually much shorter than the corresponding transient structural analysis using flexible bodies. Consequently it is an efficient approach to understand the overall dynamic behavior and generate boundary conditions for structural analysis.

Multi-Body Dynamics is mainly used for,
The calculation of loads (at joints, contacts and where forces are applied) that can be used for component-level structural analysis.
The study of the dynamic behavior of assembly of rigid or flexible bodies, usually including large translational/rotational displacement (motion).