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WebLog Expert Enterprise Edition 9.5-訪問日誌分析器
WebLog Expert是一個快速而強大的訪問日誌分析器。WebLog Expert是一個功能強大的訪問日誌分析器。 它可以幫助您揭示關於您的網站使用情況的重要統計信息:訪問者的活動,訪問統計信息,通過網站的路徑,訪問者的瀏覽器等等。該程序可以讀取最流行的Web服務器的日誌文件:Apache(支持組合和通用日誌格式)和IIS 4/5/6/7/8。 WebLog Expert還可以讀取ZIP,GZ和BZ2壓縮日誌,因此您無需在分析之前手動解壓日誌.

WebLog Expert Enterprise Edition 9.x | 
WebLog Expert is a fast and powerful access log analyzer. It will give you information about your site's visitors: activity statistics, accessed files, paths through the site, information about referring pages, search engines, browsers, operating systems, and more. The program produces easy-to-read reports that include both text information (tables) and charts. View the WebLog Expert sample report to get the general idea of the variety of information about your site's usage it can provide.


General statistics
Activity statistics: daily, by hours of the day, by days of the week, by weeks and by months
Access statistics: statistics for pages, files, images, directories, queries, view time, entry pages, exit pages, bounces, paths through the site, file types, virtual domains and load balanced servers
Information about visitors: hosts, top-level domains, countries, states, cities, authenticated users, screen resolutions, color depths and languages
Referrers: referring sites, URLs, search engines (including information about search phrases and keywords)
Browsers, operating systems, device types and spiders statistics
Information about errors: error types, detailed error information
Goals statistics
Tracked files statistics
Click overlay report
Support for custom reports


Hit (log entry) filters: file, query, host, referrer, status code, method, port, OS, browser, device type, spider, user agent, day of the week, hour of the day, country, state, city, organization, authenticated user, virtual domain, time taken
Visitor filters: visitors who accessed a specific file, visitors with a specified entry page, visitors with a specified exit page, visitors who came from a specific referring URL, visitors who came from a specific search engine/phrase


Supports Apache and IIS log files
Automatically detects the log format
Can read GZ and ZIP compressed logs
Can analyze logs from load balanced servers
Can download logs via FTP and HTTP
Log cache for downloaded log files
Can create HTML (sample), PDF (sample) and CSV (sample) reports
Built-in web server (sample report) - requires .NET Framework 4
Supports report translation
Page title retrieval
Can upload reports via FTP and send via e-mail (SMTP or MAPI)
Built-in scheduler
IP to country/state/city mapping database
Supports date macros
Multithreaded DNS lookup
Supports command line mode

OS : Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/2012
Language : English

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