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FlexSim 2019 v19.0.0 Enterprise-在圖形環境中集成了C++IDE 和編譯器的仿真軟件
FlexSim是美國FlexSim 公司開發的,迄今為止世界上第一個在圖形環境中集成了C++IDE 和編譯器的仿真軟件。在這個軟件環境,C++不但能夠直接用來定義模型,而且不會在編譯中出現任何問題。 這樣,就不再需要傳統的動態鏈接庫和用戶定義變量的複雜鏈接。 FlexSim 應用深層開發對象,這些對象代表著一定的活動和排序過程。 要應用模板裡的某個對象,只需要用鼠標把該對象從庫裡拖出來放在模型視窗即可。每一個對象都有一個坐標(x,y,z)速度(x,y,z),旋轉以及一個動態行為(時間)。 對象可以創建、刪除,而且可以彼此嵌套移動,它們都有自己的功能或繼承來自其他對象的功能。 這些對象的參數可以把任何製造業、物料處理和業務流程快速、輕易、高效的描述出來。同時Flexsim 的資料,圖像和結果都可以與其它軟件公用(這是其它仿真軟件不能做到的),而且它可以從Excel 表讀取資料和輸出資料(或任何ODBC DATABASE),可以從生產線上讀取現時資料以作分析功能。FlexSim也允許用戶建立自己的實體對象(Objects)來滿足用戶自己的要求。

OS: Windows 64bit | Language: English 

FlexSim is a flexible and powerful 3D simulation software used for modeling, simulating, predicting, and visualizing the systems in various industries which include manufacturing, material handling, healthcare, warehousing, mining, and more. The easy-to-use and user-friendly simulation software helps businesses and organizations improve their processes, discover and remove waste, reduce cost, and increase revenue.

What is more, FlexSim has the capability to simulate systems using 3D visualizations. It also has a library of objects that users can customize as they build models of their systems. With FlexSim, creating layouts and models of systems is a breeze through the aid of its drag-and-drop and point-and-click functionalities. Likewise, analyzing a system using the software is made easy. Users will be able to build 3D charts and graphs right in their models, as well as export reports and statistics. Last but not least, FlexSim permits users to identify the potentials of their systems and optimize them through experimentation.


- Improvements to Data and Charting
. Added support for more SQL keywords: UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT.
. Calculated tables and chart templates can now save their data during an experiment.
. New options for the Milestone Collector.
. More options for event listening in Statistics Collectors.
. Can now enable/disable Statistics Collectors in the toolbox (right-click option).
- Time Table Improvements
. The Time Table’s weekly and daily modes now use an improved graphical display.
. Various improvements to the user interface.

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer