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Fitness Manager Multilingual-俱樂部管理軟件
Fitness Manager是一款俱樂部管理軟件,你可以在軟件找到管理俱樂部的全部功能,可以在軟件添加新的成員,可以為你的公司添加新的員工,可以編輯新的管理員,對於管理人事信息還是比較方便的,支持工作時間設置,俱樂部的工作時間以及其他活動項目的開放時間都可以在軟件編輯,對不同的活動項目編輯相應的收費方式,你也可以在軟件找到開支檢查功能,當你需要計算收益和支出的時候就可以選擇Daily expenses功能!

Fitness Manager is a program for the complete management of gyms and fitness clubs, including dance schools and all kinds of sports clubs. This software is designed to be easy to use. It supports work on several computers (LAN). The program will help you keep track of your work in the health club: registering new members, create a variety of fitness classes and proposals, track employees, create lists of salaries, to receive various reports over the months, days, hours, etc. If you want to make your daily work easier and to make a good impression on your clients, Fitness Manager may be the right choice for you!

Track membership fees, the whole history of visits and the acquisition of a package of fitness.
At any time you can see members of a package are present in the fitness club.
Create different user groups (VIP, mostly prepaid, postpaid) and give each group discounts.
Create a variety of packages, such as fitness, aerobics, aerobic step, ball, massage, sauna and other
Create groups of workers, depending on their profession, which is used to calculate wages.
Monitoring your employees: the work, the presence of the calculation of wages.
Create a variety of reports, such as the useful reports on payments of visits by members of days and months, new members for days and months, members of the visits by leaps and bounds, the members by age and sex, birthdays of members, etc.
You can easily export all the data from the various reports Excel or PDF-files.
Supports network (for example, the reception of the back-office).
Multi-language support: English, German, Czech, Serbian / Bosnian / Croatian.
Support barcode scanner
Expences tracking (define and track various expences)
Automatic check-in module. You can use barcode scanner or or enter member IDs via keyboard. Set alarm sounds and colors.
Import from file members of Excel or CSV.
Partial payments possible. Clients can pay for a service or a package in several payments. You can check their debt any time.
Measurements module which enable personal trainers to track their clients improvement. You can track various parameters (Neck, Chest, Weist Hips, Forearms, Upperarms, Thighs, Calfs)
Reservations module for schedulling and booking. It enables you to easily accept appointments from your clients and see which resources and workers are used on any day.
Whats New:

- Product sale module improvements
- Added "Member credit" option in product sale module. Now members can pay later for purchased products.
- Added report "Members with debt" for product sale
- Added Refund option in package sale. Now it is possible to add negative payment amounts for Refund purposes.
- Report "Package sale by packages" is improved by adding "Member count" and "Payment count" columns
- Also global user experience in Fitness Manager is very much improved making it more self guiding and easier to use.