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iMyFone Umate Pro Multilingual-蘋果空間刪除工具
iMyfone Umate Pro是一款能一鍵省空間,整機進行擦除,像刪掉的文件也能重複擦除的徹徹底底。為您提供的功能,釋放空間,一鍵點擊和擦除各種數據在您的iPhone,iPad和iPod Touch,沒有機會被恢復!該程序將掃瞄您的iDevice,然後顯示您以前刪除的文件和您現有的個人文件在您的iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch。您可以預覽它們,並選擇要永久清除的項目!iMyfone Umate Pro為您提供掃瞄您的iOS設備的設施,確保所有的文件和私人信息被完全刪除,無法恢復。

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Millions of personal information like browsing history, call history, messages, photos, accounts etc. is stored in iPhone. You can delete them easily but the files stay hidden on your device only to be recovered later most probably by cybercriminals. To protect you from identity theft and fraud, iMyFone Umate Pro completely erases all sensitive iOS data, no hacking tool can ever recover the data erased by iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser.

Erase iOS Data Permanently to Secure Your Privacy!
- Erase iOS with 0% recovery: messages, contacts, call history, photos & video, browsing data, etc.
- 100% wipe 3rd-party apps: WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Kik, Viber, and 10+ more.
- Secure private data when selling, recycling or donating your iPhone.
- Compatible with all iOS versions and devices including iOS 12 and iPhone XS(Max).

Erase Private Data
Preview and selectively erase personal data reliably like it never existed.

Erase Deleted Files
Previously deleted data is actually still saved on the device. We erase them all with no chance of recovery.

Erase All Data
A normal reset is recoverable. Umate Pro makes erased data irrecoverable even by the FBI!

Erase Private Fragments
3rd-party apps constantly store incomplete fragments which cause your privacy get compromised.

1-Click CleanUp
Instantly delete all hidden junk files, trash, caches, temp files etc.

Secure 3rd-Party App Experience
This ensures your personal chats are fully wiped and prevented from hackers. With iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser, you can scan and view your 3rd party App data and select private data to erase permanently.

iOS Optmizer: Save Space + Speed Up
The 1-click cleanup mode allows you to clean up hidden garbage and deleted files that are still lurking on your iPhone, making your iPhone run fast, just like when it was brand new.

Complete iPhone Data Removal Solution
- No possibility of recovery
- Wipe also 3rd-party apps
- Preview & Select before erasing
- 3 erasing levels to choose from
Release Notes:

- Add permanent erasure of WhatsApp & its Attachment
- Speed up process of cleaning temp files & erasing data
- Fix some minor bugs.
Requirements: Compatible with all iOS versions and devices including iOS 12 and iPhone XS(Max).