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VirtualHostX 8.4.0 MacOS-虛擬主機開發環境創建工具
VirtualHostX for Mac讓你在Mac上託管多個網站變得無比輕鬆。VirtualHostX for Mac完美解決Web設計者同一時間託管多個網站的問題。不會再有嵌套文件夾和詢問程序員通過櫃體來尋求幫助。 使用VirtualHostX for Mac你可以輕鬆地創建和管理你的虛擬主機,只需點擊幾下,其他的工作就交給我們辛勤的VirtualHostX for Mac吧!

VirtualHostX 8x (incl Hostbuddy) | MacOSX | 

VirtualHostX 6.0 is the easiest way to host and share multiple websites on your Mac. It's the perfect solution for web designers working on more than one project at a time. With VirtualHostX you can easily create and manage Apache virtual hosts with just a few clicks.

What it Does
- Automatically configures your Mac's web server settings.
- Works with MAMP, XAMPP, and Apple's built-in web server.
- Share your virtual hosts with anyone over the internet.
- Backup and Restore your web server settings.
- Keep track of domain names, logins, and everything else with Domain Details.

New Features
- Organize your virtual hosts into folders.
- Enable SSL/HTTPS support on your virtual hosts.
- Automatically generates SSL certificates and keys.
- Create custom directive templates.
- Automatically refresh your browser whenever you make changes to your website.
- Enable/disable PHP using our new Server Status window.
- Keep an eye on your Apache error and access logs.
- Fix "403 Forbidden" errors with our Permissions Doctor.
- A brand new companion app for your iPhone and iPad.

Hostbuddy is the easiest way to manage and update the /etc/hosts file on your Mac. Add new entries and turn on and off existing ones with one click. It's perfect for switching between staging and production servers or just for testing out your new website before it goes live.

What it Does
- Quickly add host entries without using the command line
- Turn on/off host groups with one click
- Won't overwrite your existing /etc/hosts file
- Compatible with VirtualHostX
- Automatically flushes your DNS cache

Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
Version 6.0 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

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