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Ashampoo Backup Business / Business Server 11.12 x64 Multilingual 數據備份工具
您公司的數據應當擁有最安全的保護,您需要一款靈活的備份工具。Ashampoo® Backup Business 為您提供專業的數據備份服務。無論是要創建本地備份,或是將敏感數據保存到雲端 - 同時還提供強大的 AES-256 加密 - 程序都能滿足。

無論是單台電腦或是網絡環境,Ashampoo® Backup Business 都是您所需要的工具。管理員會愛上其命令行支持,它可以在備份前或後運行自定義命令。還有睡眠模式可選。

您的數據,您的系統在很大程度上都依賴於專業備份工具的可靠性。所以 Ashampoo® Backup Business 會不斷的檢查和驗證數據的完整性。同時為了防止數據被盜,所有備份都使用超強的 AES-256 算法進行加密保護,美國加密機密文檔也推薦使用此算法。

支持 Dropbox、Google Drive 等雲存儲服務商,不再依賴本地存儲。Ashampoo® Backup Business 提供了額外的雲備份支持。不光能備份文件還能備份整個磁盤映像。Dropbox、Google Drive、OneDrive 都得到了直接支持,程序還兼容任何使用 WebDAV 的雲服務。

Ashampoo® Backup Business 支持所有常用的存儲設置,如硬盤、SSD、U盤、網絡存儲設備等。其革命性的無限反向增量備份技術,與其它備份方案比,只需佔用 50% 不到的空間。

監控局域網中的各電腦的備份過程也沒有問題。可以通過 Ashampoo 或內部 Email 服務器發送備份報告,報告的詳細程度也可以自定義。

Ashampoo® Backup Business 支持創建複雜的備份任務。設置好後,備份就可以自動創建。無法是要備份單個文件或是整個磁盤都行,您的備份會自動進行更新。由於支持了版本控制,您還可以保留文件的不同狀態。

強大的 AES-256 加密,保護敏感數據
一鍵備份您的 Email、日曆和聯繫人
在程序或 Windows 資源管理器中輕鬆還原數據

Ashampoo® Backup Business 11 專為 Windows Server 版本的管理而設計。它安全兼容所有 Windows Server 版本,為這些設備帶來整套 Ashampoo® Backup Business 功能。不像其它類似產品,它沒有任何功能限制和使用限制。

Your company data deserves maximum security from a flexible backup solution. Ashampoo® Backup Business offers the full feature set for professional data backups. Whether you only need create local backups or store your sensitive data in the cloud - naturally with strong AES-256 encryption - the program has you covered.

Administrative use
Single PC or network environment, Ashampoo® Backup Business has the tools you need. Administrators will love the command line support and the ability to run custom commands before and after backups. Even sleep mode is controllable for affected PCs.

Maximum security
Your data, your existence may depend on the reliability of professional backup solution. This is why Ashampoo® Backup Business constantly checks and verifies the integrity of your data. And to prevent data theft, all backups will be protected with strong AES-256 encryption as used and recommended by the United States for classified documents.

Flexible cloud support
With cloud storage providers such as Dropbox or Google Drive you no longer depend on local storage media. Ashampoo® Backup Business provides extensive support for cloud backups. This includes not only files but entire disk images. All popular providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive are supported out of the box but the program is also compatible with any WebDAV-enabled cloud service.

Flexible and space-saving
Ashampoo® Backup Business supports all common storage types such as hard disks, SSDs, flash or network drives. Thanks to Infinite Reverse Incremental Backup technology, local backups will take up 50% less disk space compared to competing products.

Everything at a glance
Backup monitoring for PCs in your network poses no problem. Reports can be send through Ashampoo or in-house email servers with customizable levels of detail.

Always up to date, always safe
Ashampoo® Backup Business allows you to create even complex backup plans. Once set up, backups will be created fully automatically. It makes no difference whether you opt for individual file backups or entire disk images, your backups will always be up to date. Thanks to versioning support, you can also preserve different file states.

Backup company data fully automatically
Backup and restore bootable system drives
Protect sensitive data with strong AES-256 encryption
Hassle-free backups through various cloud services
Backup and restore any file with ease
Professional backups that meet the highest requirements
Huge space savings through maximum compression
Backup to any storage device
Convenient presets for common use cases
Backup your emails, calendar or contacts with a single click
Easy data recovery through program or Windows Explorer
Rescue disc against total system failure
Fully customizable backup schedules
Accurate backup reports, optional email delivery included, supports custom servers

The software solution for your servers
Ashampoo® Backup Business 11 is specially geared towards administrative use on Windows servers. It is fully compatible with all common Windows Server editions and brings the full Ashampoo® Backup Business feature set to these devices. Unlike with competing products, there are no functional restrictions or disabled features.

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