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Picture Instruments Image 2 LUT Pro 1.0.14 Multilingual-圖像調色軟件
Picture Instruments Image 2 LUT Pro是一款圖像調色軟件,支持多種風格的圖像色彩融合,為你創作出獨特的視覺藝術效果。Image 2 LUT支持多種風格的相互匹配,支持圖片分辨率格式的轉換與兼容。
Picture Instruments Image 2 LUT Pro介紹:
Image 2 LUT 是一款由PictureInstrument公司出品的調色仿色軟件,通過加載Source源圖片(參考調色圖片)和Target(目標圖片),自動創建好萊塢電影效果。Image 2 LUT提供了一些非常有用的選項。除了調整色調強度,您還可以控制其對圖像中膚色的影響,增強膚色強度。而且還可以導出3D LUT調色預設(3dl,cube格式),以便在其他照片和視頻編輯軟件中進一步使用。可用作輸出格式的是LUT格式3dl,cube17,cube32和mga。此外,可以直接將外觀發送到無限制過濾器。簡單的來說,就是可以將一張畫面的風格,經過Image 2 LUT軟件的自動匹配賦予給另一個畫面,並且可以將匹配的結果生成LUT來供調色軟件進一步使用。
這個工具主要是針對Curve曲線的RGB值來進行計算匹配的,同時可以針對膚色進行獨立的控制,但最大的問題是在於無法對ColorMatrix進行更準確的匹配,所以對於一些應用了類似Cross Processing效果或強烈曲線染色效果還是有效的,一旦更複雜的情況就無法應付了。所以在使用上,書生認為這個工具應付一些平面攝影的流行風格,還是綽綽有餘的。
Picture Instruments Image 2 LUT Pro使用:

Picture Instruments Image 2 LUT Pro 1.0.8 (x64) | 58.3 MB
Create Hollywood looks via copy & paste. Load an image having a breathtaking look and Image 2 LUT will automatically generate a professional look from it. To see, how it will work on other images, you can load a reference image into the target area and see how the look is applied to it. 

Simple use - professional results
To further adjust the look or create any number of variations from it, Image 2 LUT offers a few very helpful options. Along with the general intensity of the coloring, you can also control its influence on skin tones in the image. You can control the skin tones intensity independently and a loss in contrast from a source image with a faded film look can always be dialled back seamlessly with our software.

The one-color-look option homogenises differing tints in various areas of the image and heavily saturated colors can be protected optionally to achieve a higher brilliance for the look.

Image 2 LUT - spectacular results from a small tool!
Afterwards, you can save the reference image along with the look as a file on your computer or export it as a 3D LUT for further use in other photo and video editing software. Available as output formats are the LUT-formats 3dl, cube17, cube32 and mga. In addition, it is possible to directly send the look to Unlimited Filters.

Requirements: XP - 10 (64-bit).

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