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Cisdem DataRecovery

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Cisdem DataRecovery 3.7.0 MacOSX 註冊版-Mac數據恢復
Cisdem DataRecovery可以幫助您恢復寶貴的丟失的數據,文檔,電子郵件,視頻,音樂,照片和丟失的分區,從任何一台Mac支持的數據存儲介質,包括內置/外置硬盤,USB驅動器,SD卡,光盤,存儲卡,數碼相機,音樂播放器等,這是驚人的快,準確,一件輕而易舉的使用。立即下載,下五分鐘內找回丟失從,刪除,格式化,邏輯損壞的情況下您的數據。

Cisdem DataRecovery 3.7.0 MacOSX 註冊版-Mac數據恢復


Don't give up on your important files and precious memories! The New Cisdem DataRecovery 3.5.0 for Mac is the best Mac data recovery software that can recover lost photos, videos, documents and emails from any Mac supported data storage media, including internal/external hard drives, USB drives, SD card, digital cameras, iPods etc. We provides freetrial for you to scan and preview all your lost files. Get the new Cisdem DataRecovery 3.5.0 now, and your lost photos, videos, files, etc. will be recovered within the next five minutes.

Quick Scan & Deep Scan for any data loss situation you may meet

Quick Scan – fast and easy
Quick Scan briefly scans your drivers that are 100% safe and secure. It will miss HFS+ file system scanning but, it's super fast and easy way and will scan and recovery lost data with most and original file names.

Deep Scan – slow and thorough
Deep scan takes a bit longer but will give you the most thorough results and it supports all disk formats including HFS+.

Recover data from any storage devices & disk formats
DataRecovery can restore deleted, formatted, or lost files from virtually any storage device. This includes internal Mac hard drives, external hard drives, Mac notebooks, desktops, Mac server, USB drive, camcorder, memory cards, SD card, digital camera, mobile phone, laptop, MP3, MP4 player and more.

As for disk formats, it allow you to restore the lost partitions and get back your data from HFS+ (only available to deep scan), FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, ext2, ext3, ext4 and NTFS file systems. Also, It's fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Specialized in docs, photo, video, music and archive recovery
Using advanced scanning technology and directory restructuring algorithm, data Recovery can help you recover all types of files, including but not limited to pictures, videos, audio, emails, documents, folders, archives, etc. Cisdem DataRecovery 3.5.0 also supports recover raw file types, including pef, nef, dcr, sr2, etc. You can only scan files of the selected file type to save time.

Preview data to locate your lost files and check their quality in advance
On completion of the scanning process, all the recoverable files are displayed with their file name, size, delete date and original path in a tree-view, we provide three modes – List, Thumbnail and Preview for you to locate all the images, videos, documents you need and perform selective recovery.

Filter the search results by file name, sizes to find files quickly
DataRecovery is 100% safe & effective for Mac data recovery. Its easy-to-use interface lets you recover data in 3 simple steps, To help you find what you want to recovered accurately, Cisdem DataRecovery enables you to enter the key words to the search the file you need or sort search results by file name, and file size. Also all the files well be recovered in a file tree, with file type given its own folder.