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英國同步 最新版點讀版牛津閱讀樹Oxford Reading Tree 1-12級最全387本書本(小本)+點讀筆一隻


牛津閱讀樹》(Oxford Reading Tree),是一套針對以英語為母語的學齡前及小學孩子培養閱讀興趣的寓教於樂的閱讀教材,由牛津大學出版。在英國是家喻戶曉的英語母語學習材料,在全球亦有一百多個國家用它作為外語學習教材。




相關問題1. 紙張:200克銅版紙做封面,加膜,157克亞光銅版紙做內頁。環保大豆油墨。 2. 裝訂:騎馬訂。 3. 尺寸:142MM×160MM(等級1-2)最終出廠尺寸請允許有5MM誤差


 At School

 Getting up

 Look Out!

 The Haircut

The Lost Teddy

 The Library

The Swing Ball

 The Street Fair

 The Big Box


The HedgeHog

The Apple

.Who Is It?

.Floppy Floppy

. Six in a bed

. A Good Trick

. Fun at the Beach

. The Pancake

. Is It?

. Get On

. Floppy Did This

. Get Dad

. Up You Go

 I See

 The Headache

 At the Park

 Fancy Dress


 Good Old Mum

 The Pet Shop

 What a Mess!

 Making Faces

 The Journey


 Who Did That?


 Hide and Seek

 Look at Me

 Go Away, Floppy

 Reds and Blues

 Big Feet

 Kipper's Diary

 What Dogs Like

 Presents for Dad

 Top Dog

 Look After Me

 Go On, Mum!

 Go Away, Cat

 The Sandcastle

 Floppy's Bone

 The Box of Treasure

 Hook a Duck

 Chip's Robot

 One Wheel

 The Ice Cream

 Can You See Me?

 Good Dog

 What a DIN!

 See Me Skip

 The Mud Pie

 The Lost Gloves


 Just for Mum

 Fly away

 Feed the Birds

 Fun in the snow

 Hop! Hop! Pop!

 Catkin the Kiten

 In the Trolley

 The Trampoline

 The Enormous Crab

 The Caterpillar

 The picture Book man

 In the Tent

 The bag in the Bin


 The big red bus

 The sock

 Next door

 Dogs in the mud


 The fish tank

 The big spin


 Mokey Tricks

 Hey Presto

It's the Weather

 Naughty Children

 A Sinking Feeling


 What is It

 The Lost Puppy

 New Trees

 Up and Down

 The Little Dragon

The Band

 The Big Egg

Poor Floppy

 Put it Back

 In a Bit

 A Present for Mum

 The hole in the Sand

 The toy’s Party

 New Trainers

 A New Dog

 What a Bad Dog

 The Go-kart

The Dream

 Floppy's Bath

 The Baby-sitter

 The Water Fight

 Kipper’s Balloon


 Kipper's Birthday

 Kipper's Laces

 The Wobby Tooth

 The Foggy Day

 Biff's Aeroplane

 Floppy the Hero

 The Chase

 The odd egg



 The Gulls' picnic

 Red noses

 The Ball Pit

 Got a job?

 The new gingerbread man


 Gorilla on the run!

 A big bunch of flowers

 Catch it!