B&W SmartAssembly

B&W SmartAssembly

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B&W SmartAssembly 6.0 M010 多語言註冊版-Pro/ENGINEER功能插件
B&W SmartAssembly: Pro/ENGINEER功能插件,SmartAssembly提供自己的腳本語言來定義複雜的Pro/ENGINEER模板使用組成部件、UDF格式文件、以及任意可用的功能。尺寸,參數和參考可界定在靈活的表結構中,也將驅動動態GUI組裝。

B&W SmartAssembly 6.0 M010 多語言註冊版-Pro/ENGINEER功能插件

B&W, the world leading supplier of add-on applications for the 3D CAD system PTC Creo Parametric, has released SmartAssembly 6.0 M010 is a process capture tool that allows users to focus on the design process, instead of being bogged down with the repetitive tasks that are present in every design.

It is a development engine that allows users to create UDF's, assemble existing parts or sub-assemblies, and configure new parts or sub-assemblies with associated drawings from existing company templates. Users develop programs in a simple easy to use language. Most programs are only a few paragraphs regardless of complexity.

The SA hardware module is used to simplify and standardize placement of hardware on any part or assembly.SmartAssembly provides a powerful script language to define complex Creo templates using components, UDF's and any available Features. Dimensions, Parameters and References can be defined in a flexible table-structure that will also drive the dynamic assembly GUI.

SmartAssembly also provides powerful machine design functions, such as bolts and dowel pin connections, library management and many other standard component functions. SmartAssembly is a powerful automation tool for any part or assembly typically placed as a library component as well as large complex assemblies with complex relationships between parts.