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Web2App mac

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Web2App 1.8.0 MacOSX 註冊版- APP製作工具
Web2App mac是一款功能強大的app製作軟件,它能將在線Web網站轉化成APP體驗的工具,該軟件能夠幫助用戶將網頁快速製作成app,操作簡單,十分容易上手,比如twitter、facebook、google地圖等,只需要進行簡單的設置,以後就能在本地以APP的形式使用這些在線網站。

Web2App 1.8.0 MacOSX 註冊版- APP製作工具

With Web2App you can turn your favorite websites and internet services into real desktop apps. Just type the URL, the app name and your website will become a real desktop app that appears in your Dock or your Menu Bar. You can choose to use the desktop or mobile version of the site. Stop spending money on apps that are only websites bundled into an app (apps for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, mail providers or cloud services and many more). Now you can configure your own apps!

Imagine services like Mail, Document Editing, Maps or any Social Networks on your desktop instead of your browser. You can use any website visible on the Internet.

Use Web2App to:
• Transform Websites or Internet Services into real desktop apps
• Run your application from the Dock or Menu Bar, auto-launch apps
• Use the desktop or mobile view of each site
• Select an icon for your new app
• Choose between multiple app window sizes
• Put services like Document Editing, Calendars, Mail, News or Maps on your desktop

• You can change the icon of the app by dragging the new graphics into the icon view in the Get Info view
• You can keep in Dock the app if you right click the icon and select Options – Keep in Dock