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Lynda com InDesign CS5 5 to EPUB Kindle and iPad 英文版 DVD 出品的時長5小時52分鐘的 使用InDesign CS5.5出版電子書到銷售 頻教程。由Anne-Marie Concepcion 演示了出版商,設計師和生產人員是如何使用InDesign軟件為他們早已創建的出版書籍發布在新興電子書市場中。內容包括專業文本格式的運用,驗證EPUB,摻入友好的搜索引擎元數據,以及建立主要電子書分銷渠道出版商的帳戶,通過電子商務網站直接向讀者銷售電子書。本教程附帶練習文件。

In InDesign CS5.5 to EPUB, Kindle, and iPad, author Anne-Marie Concepción shows publishers, designers, and production staff how to use the software they already use to create print books—InDesign—for the emerging ebook market. Beginning with an overview of digital publishing for the ebook marketplace, the course demonstrates how to prepare existing InDesign files for optimal EPUB and Kindle conversion. The course covers applying professional text formatting, validating EPUBs, and incorporating search-engine friendly metadata, as well as setting up publisher accounts at the major ebook distribution channels and selling ebooks directly to readers through an e-commerce site. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
Understanding ebooks and ebook publishing
Examining the EPUB format
Creating customized navigational TOCs
Using layout order, the Articles panel, and XML tags to manage content flow
Formatting with paragraph and character styles
Creating a cover image
Optimizing images
Exporting InDesign content to an EPUB
Including drop caps, pull quotes, and text wraps
Acquiring an ISBN for ebooks
Converting an EPUB to Kindle, iBookstore, and Nook formats
Distributing ebooks with resellers and aggregators

Course name:
InDesign CS5.5 to EPUB, Kindle, and iPad

Anne-Marie Concepcion

05h 52m

Released on:



Welcome 01m 11s
Using the exercise files 00m 55s

11m 00s
1. eBook Overview What's an ebook? 07m 36s
Where do I find and sell ebooks? 03m 24s

19m 14s
2. EPUB Production Basics Examining the EPUB file format 04m 28s
How does an INDD file become an EPUB file? 02m 55s
What can and can't be converted from INDD to EPUB 11m 51s

49m 14s
3. Preparing an InDesign Publication for EPUB Creating a navigation table of contents (TOC) with a TOC style 06m 31s
Creating a navigation TOC with an InDesign book 03m 27s
Using a TOC style in combination with an InDesign book 02m 38s
Creating chapter breaks based on a paragraph style 03m 33s
Managing page layout order 06m 24s
Using layout order to manage content flow 05m 31s
Using the Articles panel to manage content flow 12m 19s
Using XML tags to manage content flow 05m 37s
Naming styles and linked assets 03m 14s

01h 24m
4. Modifying Text and Images for EPUB Export Maintaining text frame spacing 04m 37s
Fixing EPUB text issues with Find/Change 07m 59s
Applying paragraph and character styles 07m 59s
Mapping paragraph styles to CSS tags 07m 28s
Modifying tables 05m 49s
Converting InDesign objects to images 09m 52s
Manually optimizing images or using the Object Export options 14m 13s
Creating a cover image 06m 39s
Adding a custom TOC as the first page of the EPUB file 07m 31s
Adding metadata to the InDesign file or book 04m 58s
Adding alt tags to images in InDesign 07m 06s

19m 52s
5. Exporting from InDesign to EPUB Choosing general EPUB export options 05m 37s
Choosing EPUB export options for images 07m 12s
Choosing EPUB export options for content 07m 03s

19m 16s
6. Previewing and Validating EPUB Files Previewing EPUB files on your computer and devices 05m 56s
Previewing for the iBooks app 06m 08s
Validating EPUB files 07m 12s

41m 41s
7. Editing EPUB Files for Functionality Getting inside an EPUB file 05m 49s
Identifying parts of an EPUB file 08m 55s
Choosing an EPUB editor 10m 31s
Modifying the navigation TOC 04m 53s
Adding and editing metadata 05m 41s
Creating guide sections for iBooks 05m 52s

51m 42s
8. Editing EPUB Files for Formatting Cleaning up the HTML files 11m 14s
Editing the CSS file 13m 20s
Setting spacing in the file 06m 51s
Creating drop caps 05m 03s
Creating sidebars and pull quotes 07m 21s
Setting text wrap rules 07m 53s

28m 12s
9. Converting EPUB Files to Other eBook Formats Exploring the Kindle portal 05m 26s
Preparing your EPUB file for Kindle conversion 12m 47s
Converting with KindleGen and Kindle Previewer 03m 26s
Converting for other resellers 06m 33s

20m 32s
10. Distributing Your eBook Getting an ISBN for each edition 04m 26s
Getting your ebook into the Kindle Store, iBookstore, or NOOK Store 06m 53s
Using third-party aggregators 06m 23s
Selling from your own web site or ecommerce site 02m 50s

05m 00s
11. Keeping Up with the Field Next steps 05m 00s