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Lynda com Google SketchUp 8 Essential Training 英文版 DVD 出品的時長6小時26分鐘的Google SketchUp 8 基礎培訓視頻教程。由George Maestri 講解在Google SketchUp 8中的建模、渲染3D模型和場景。內容包括SketchUp的基礎知識,用戶界面,對象操作,從Google Earth中輸入構建基本形狀的模型,制作動畫場景,利用Sandbox工具建立有機地形。George還探討了SketchUp Pro的功能,哪部分還可以升級,包括建立和添加交互式模型,輸入和輸出至外部應用程序的高級選項。本教程附帶練習文件。

Course name:
Google SketchUp 8 Essential Training

George Maestri

06h 26m

Released on:

In Google SketchUp 8 Essential Training, author George Maestri explains how to model and render 3D objects and scenes using Google SketchUp 8. The course covers the fundamentals of the application, from navigating the user interface, manipulating objects, and building basic shapes to importing objects from Google Earth, animating a scene, and modeling organic terrain using the Sandbox tools. The course also explores SketchUp Pro features, which are available as an upgrade. These include tools for creating dynamic components and adding interactivity, as well as sophisticated importing and exporting options for working with outside applications. Exercise files accompany the course.
Topics include:
Setting preferences
Building scenes
Pushing and pulling faces into 3D
Creating 3D text
Measuring and labeling models
Creating, editing, and adjusting materials
Projecting maps onto curved objects
Modeling with floor plans
Rendering a scene
Geolocating models with Google Maps
Modeling in Photo Match
Hiding objects dynamically
Creating solids
Exporting objects for rendering


Welcome 01m 08s
Installing SketchUp 01m 12s
Starting SketchUp for the first time 00m 47s
Using the exercise files 00m 49s
Tips for Mac users 03m 22s

43m 52s
1. Getting to Know the Interface Interface basics 04m 42s
Adding toolbars 02m 38s
Navigating 03m 48s
Changing perspective 02m 51s
Walking around 03m 12s
Creating camera views 05m 15s
Shading faces and edges 07m 59s
Creating shadows and fog 05m 50s
Creating Scenes 05m 09s
Setting preferences 02m 28s

22m 19s
2. Manipulating Objects Selecting and moving objects 06m 25s
Scaling and rotating objects 05m 36s
Manipulating faces and edges 04m 08s
Advanced selection tools 06m 10s

48m 47s
3. Drawing Line tool fundamentals 05m 42s
Refining objects with the Line tool 03m 39s
Using the Rectangle tool 04m 44s
Pushing and pulling faces into 3D 05m 30s
Creating circles and polygons 06m 05s
Creating arcs 04m 00s
Using the Offset tool to create outlines 08m 33s
Using the Follow Me tool 03m 24s
Softening round edges 05m 16s
Creating 3D text 01m 54s

16m 45s
4. Measuring and Labeling Using the Tape Measure tool 04m 41s
Using the Protractor tool 07m 16s
Creating text labels 01m 07s
Using the Dimension tool 01m 18s
Creating sections 02m 23s

20m 45s
5. Working with Components The Component window 05m 32s
Creating components 03m 55s
Using the 3D Warehouse 03m 15s
Importing from Google Earth 02m 26s
Using the Interact tool 01m 54s
Using the Component Options window 03m 43s

25m 03s
6. Organizing Scenes Grouping objects 05m 42s
Working with layers 03m 27s
Creating layers 04m 20s
Using the Outliner 06m 42s
Hiding and unhiding objects 02m 48s
Locking and unlocking objects 02m 04s

41m 32s
7. Creating Textures and Materials Using the Materials Browser on a Mac 02m 49s
Applying materials 03m 02s
Editing materials 05m 04s
Creating materials 03m 19s
Adjusting materials 04m 38s
Applying bitmap images 02m 43s
Mapping curved objects 03m 39s
Projecting maps on curved objects 03m 27s
Importing floor plans 04m 27s
Modeling with floor plans 08m 24s

27m 11s
8. Rendering and Animating Applying styles 02m 26s
Editing styles 08m 30s
Outputting 2D bitmaps 03m 13s
Basic animation 05m 56s
Advanced animation 07m 06s

20m 40s
9. Creating Terrain Using Sandbox Creating terrain from contours 06m 22s
Modeling objects with contours 01m 42s
Creating terrain from scratch 03m 40s
Sculpting with the Smoove tool 03m 02s
Stamping and draping objects on terrain 05m 54s

15m 03s
10. Using Photo Match and Google Earth Geolocation with Google Maps 03m 11s
Using Photo Match to align cameras 04m 30s
Modeling in Photo Match 07m 22s

59m 46s
11. SketchUp Pro: Creating Dynamic Components Using the Component Attributes window 06m 41s
Exposing component attributes 06m 00s
Using math and functions 08m 49s
Creating dynamic materials 07m 02s
Creating a dynamic staircase 08m 52s
Hiding objects dynamically 02m 58s
Configuring staircase rise and run 05m 21s
Adding interactivity: Motion 05m 24s
Adding interactivity: Rotation 04m 55s
Adding interactivity: Changing colors 03m 44s

15m 58s
12. SketchUp Pro: Working with the Solid Tools Creating solids 02m 25s
Using Boolean operations (Union, Intersect, Subtract) 06m 46s
Working with Trim and Split 04m 45s
Creating outer shells 02m 02s

21m 28s
13. SketchUp Pro: Importing and Exporting Importing objects from AutoCAD 06m 40s
Importing other 3D objects 03m 08s
Exporting objects 05m 39s
Exporting objects for rendering 06m 01s

00m 14s
Conclusion Goodbye 00m 14s