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Lynda com Microsoft Windows 7 Tips And Tricks iRONiSO 英文版 CD

1. The Top 10
Accessing hidden regional themes and wallpapers
Getting a power efficiency report for your laptop .
Customizing the shutdown button
Selecting multiple files with checkboxes
Protecting your privacy in Windows Explorer searches
Resurrecting the Quick Launch bar
Showing Control Panel menus on the Start menu
Accessing Command Prompt from any folder
Displaying access to videos on the Start menu
Searching the internet from the Start menu

2. Timesaving Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts
Previewing files in Windows Explorer
Minimizing, maximizing, or stretching a window
Organizing windows on one half of your desktop
Shifting focus to a single window
Opening new Windows Explorer windows
Managing multiple monitors
Launching new windows from the taskbar
Cycling through open programs
Sneaking a peek at the desktop
Cycling through instances with your mouse

3. Display Tweaks
Rearranging taskbar and notification icons
Displaying full names on the taskbar
Calibrating text rendering and color
Shuffling your desktop background images
Disabling taskbar balloon tips

4. Efficiency Tweaks
Launching web pages directly from the taskbar
Putting desktop access on the taskbar
Changing Explorer’s default landing folder
Showing an expanded list of Send To options
Displaying full paths in both panes of Windows Explorer
Pinning the Recycle Bin to the taskbar
Creating your own libraries
Accessing all Control Panel options in one place

5. Tools and Utilities
Using calculator templates
Tracking actions with Problem Steps Recorder
Burning ISO files to CD or DVD
Opening .docx files without Word
Locking down programs with AppLocker
Creating a system repair disk

6. Performance Tweaks
Indexing file types for faster searches
Running older programs using Compatibility mode
Turning windows features on or off
Preventing data loss due to automatic updates
Configuring volume settings for individual programs
Modifying hibernation settings