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麻省理工開放課程:8.01SC 經典力學 英語發音 僅于電腦播放 DVD






1.How fast and at what angle should you walk in the rain to get least wet?

2.What is a vector, what is a scalar?

3.Cartesian and Polar coordinates

4.Vector A and -A

5.Addition of vectors

6.Throw two objects at different times with different speeds.Do they collide?

7.Finding acceleration and position using the V vs T diagram.

8.Subtraction of vectors

9.Instantaneous Acceleration_ 1-Dimensianal&3-Dimensianal.

10.Calculate how far and how high a kicked soccer ball goes.

11.11_An astronaut on the moon throws a stone.

12.Calculate tension in a rope given sag.

13.Explain weightlessness with respect to force.

14.Block sliding down a wedge.

15.A spring gun is used to accelerate small pucks horizontally across a frictionless surface .Determine the masses.

16.Resistive Forces_ Air Drag, Liquids,Spherical Object.

17.Resistive Forces_Air Drag,Liquids,Spherica Object.

18.Air Drag on a Small Oil Drop.l

19.Speed as a Function of Time when Resistive Force is Proprotional to the Speed.

20.Find centripetal acceleration (gravitional acceleration) using the obrital radius.

21.Finding Angular Frequency and Velocity.

22.A satellite is in orbit around the earth.What is the period of a satellite?

23.You twirl a mass attached to a string in a circular path.Find the tension in the string.

24.Pulling a mass up a ramp.

25.Power_ Average, Instantaneous Power,Negative and Positive Power .Watts.

26.A particle moving with constant velocity.

27.Multiplication of vectors, Dot product.

28.Perpendicular vectors_ Zero Dot Product.

29.Work as a Dot Product.

30.Dot Product of Vector with Itself.